Bring Yasser Home

The Canadian Council of Imams Calls on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau To Intervene and Bring Canadian Citizen Yasser Albaz Home.

The Canadian Council of Imams is extremely concerned about the recent news of Canadian citizen Yasser Albaz suffering from COVID-19 symptoms.

It has been nearly a year and a half since Yasser Albaz disappeared in Cairo airport and then subsequently held arbitrarily by Egyptian authorities without charge. Since his detention, the Canadian government has been unsuccessful in securing his release, let alone improve his conditions.

It is the responsibility of our Canadian government to ensure the safe return of Yasser Albaz to his family.

We call on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to intervene and bring Yasser Albaz home for medical assistance in a Canadian hospital.

We pray for his health and his reunification with his loved ones.

Canadian Council of Imams

Jun 13th 2020