We need YOUR help!

Yasser Albaz is a Canadian citizen, and we believe the Canadian Government is not doing everything it can to protect him.
We need your help to pressure Canadian politicians into taking action. Here are some of the things you can do to help.

1. Contact your MP

Hold our Canadian gov’t accountable. Demand Yasser be brought home this week for treatment.

2. Email your MP and other political leaders

Use this link www.emailyourofficial.com/saveyasser  to send a message to your MP along with our PM, Justin Trudeau,

our Foreign Minister, François-Philippe Champagne, and our Deputy PM, Chrystia Freeland. 

3. Reach out to your MP/other politicians on social media.

Use the #FreeYasser and #SaveYasser hashtag to amplify the campaign’s voice and hold our leaders accountable in the public sphere.

4. Sign our petition calling on our PM to release Yasser. 

In just a couple of seconds, you can help amplify the campaign’s voice and contribute to Yasser’s release. Sign here: www.change.org/freeyasser

5. Donate

Help out by giving to Yasser’s campaign to allow us to keep on fighting for his freedom.

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