Yasser AlBaz Reunited with his Family

We are happy to announce that Yasser Albaz has been released by Egyptian authorities and has arrived this morning at Toronto Pearson International Airport.

Our family’s ordeal is finally coming to an end.

We are extremely grateful for the support of our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Foreign Affairs Minister François-Philippe Champagne, Minister Anita Anand, Ambassador Jess Dutton, and supportive members of parliament and government staff. We are forever grateful for each and every person who supported our family.

Yasser’s health has deteriorated and our top priority will be his much needed medical treatment. We ask that he be given time to quietly heal from this ordeal and spend quality time with his family.

Prime Minister Trudeau’s Response is Not Enough; He Must Commit to Bring Yasser Albaz back Before it’s Too Late

Yasser Albaz’s is at risk of death from COVID-19 and he is calling on Justin Trudeau to save his life. After four days of protests, the case of Yasser Albaz has been covered widely by national media. 

Today, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was questioned during his daily press conference as to whether he would make a personal appeal to President Sisi. The Prime Minister did not clearly reaffirm his personal commitment to the case of Yasser Albaz. 

The family is disappointed with this response and renewed their demand to the Prime Minister to secure Yasser Albaz’s release.

Hundreds of Canadians have protested in front of the offices of 8 Cabinet Ministers over 4 days with a single demand: “The Prime Minister must secure Yasser’s release!” Each Minister and Parliamentary secretary was asked to share that family request with the Prime Minister.  The family along with  hundreds of Canadians will continue to demand the Prime Minister’s quick intervention and are protesting in front of the Prime Minister’s office tomorrow, June 17,  in hopes that the Prime Minister can offer more assurance to the family about Canada’s commitment and approach to saving Yasser’s life.

For some days now, Yasser has been experiencing symptoms of coronavirus. Information received by the family confirms he is suffering from high fever, severe cough, extreme fatigue, tightness in his chest and difficulty breathing. Prison officials have placed him in isolation, raising greater concern.  

Yasser has been arbitrarily detained for one year and four months. To this day, he has not been charged with any crime and remains in the worst prison in Egypt without any allegations as to why he is being detained. His human rights are being violated on every count and Canada has yet to bring him home. No Canadian should be treated like this. 

Yasser’s life is Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s responsibility. 

For further information visit www.freeyasser.ca or contact Amal at amal.albaz@gmail.com or 416-841-0626